What is CorrLinks Inmate Email Program?

It is very hard for someone to communicate on their friends or relative outside the prison. For those who are interested in fast and easiest way, you can subscribe in CorrLinks. They will allow you to create and manage your own account with only the minimum of 0.05$ per minute. If you are interested, so you can’t be lonely no more, here are the steps on how to create and manage your own CorrLinks inmate email account:image 2

How to Register in CorrLinks Program?

  1. An invitation email is needed with the Identification code for you to register at CorrLinks program.
  2. Once you received an invitation, you can now start the process by clicking “Register”. Then, click the “New Users” on the homepage.
  3. Just enter a valid email address you are currently using. Create a password for your account for security. Enter the Identification Code so you can complete the registration process.
  4. Once it is done, wait for the approval from the admin for about 30 minutes.

How to Use Corrlinks System?

  1. On your address book, you can add the inmate number to start corresponding with your loved one.
  2. The Federal inmate will only be added on your contact list with the use of your Identification code.
  3. To send an email to an inmate, just select the “Mailbox”. And then click the “New Message”. You can now compose the message you want anytime.
  4. Every time you receive an email in CorrLinks system, you can setup an alert message. Just go to “Account Management” after that click “Manage my inmate list”. Just tick off the “Email Alert”. You will receive an email in your email address every time someone messages you in your CorrLinks account.

Log in to corrlinks.com now to manage your account and email people you would like to get in touch with.

The Electronic Mail Technology

What is Electronic Mail?

Most of big companies now used electronic mails to communicate to the entire employees. Email is either free or paid service. You can find lots of email services that give free creation such as Gmail and Yahoo. The invention of it, aside from text and calls, give another edge of the human communication. You can send mails anywhere you are at any time as long as you have the gadget and internet connection. That is why people wanted to have their own email ID. You can click here if you are one those who still haven’t got email ID.

Pros of Electronic Mail

When the email is invented, communication became fast, easy and reliable. This blog post enumerates more pros.

  1. Email gives you the option to receive and respond immediately to the people you are communicating with.
  2. Email enables us to save our trees since it does not use papers.
  3. Business can enjoy communication at a free or low cost service.
  4. You are secured that you can send confidential information only to the recipient.
  5. It stores the messages you receive without limit about the storage area.

Cons of Electronic Mail

Even though we enjoyed the benefits that emails brought us still we cannot deny that using this service has a downside. So what makes this service not too good?

  1. There are people who lack knowledge about this technology. You will not be sure when they have received or send the information properly.
  2. There are SPAM emails which are very annoying and hard to prevent. It will be annoying to people who received hundreds of mails and half of them are important.
  3. Emails can also contain viruses which could bring harm to our computer system.

Despite the cons still many people used emails in their daily activity. Sign up for gmail page now to enjoy this service.


Email for Better Communication

People are now using emails to communicate to people. We email the company that we are applying a position for. We are emailing a business firm when we want to conduct business with them. We email people to send confidential or important information. Email is known now as the most secured way to reach a person. This is because every person or company has its own unique email address. No two people or company have the same email address. That is why we are confident on sending emails anytime and anywhere and it will reach the receiver as soon as we hit the send button. This is how convenient the email service provider gave us such as Gmail.

How to create an email? The steps are eventually simple. All you need is go to the email’s page and look for the sign up link. For Google mail, just find the gmail.com sign up page. You will be redirected to the page where you will put some of your personal information, create your own unique email address and password. After this, you can now send emails to whomever person or people you like to. Easy right?

But how do you log in again next time you want to send an email? Well, all you need to do is go to the Gmail login page. First, you type the URL of the email such as www.gmail.com. You will be asked for your email address and password. After you have written the needed security information, click Login button or just simply hit “Enter” on your keyboard. You will be back again on your email account.  Now do you believe that emails made communication easier? Goodbye to the old snail mail days and hello to the newest technology of communication. Life can now be convenient.