The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Website for the Texas Prisoners

Texas is a large state with lots of jails, correctional and private institutions for prisoners. It might be hard to track a certain inmate that you don’t know the location. Whatever the reason you have in looking for this inmate, the good news is that they have a website you can use. Just make sure you know the whole name of the prisoner you are looking for. Get help now by reading below:image

  • You have to set off first at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website. Look for the “General Information” link and then find the “Offender Information”. Immediately after redirected on the page, you will look for the “Online Offender Search”. This is the easiest TDCJ inmate locator to use.
  • Simply put in the offender facts on the field provided. You can either use the first name, the surname or use the TDCJ number of the inmate, sex, race and also the SID (State Identification Number). A lot more info you put in the more accurate the end result shall be. It indicates a lesser number of lists to go through.
  • When you have to locate an inmate, you may fill the data by selecting the “Record”. This offers you the details you may need. The facts will include the complete name of the prisoner, the date of discharge, the race, age, SID, TDCJ number, the captive located and the criminal record.
  • You can get in touch with the Department of Criminal Justice. You can dial 800-535-0283. They are going to consider you between 8 am to 5pm on weekdays exclusively. Just give the SID, TDCJ number or even the date of birth of the offender.
  • You could also locate an inmate through emailing that contains the name of the prisoner as the subject of the You ought to give the name, TDCJ number as well as the birth date in the body to make the question convenient. If you are not sure of some data, you may make an estimate date and the place where it is found guilty.

There are many other TDCJ inmate lookup methods to use but this is the best one you can use.

US Postal Office Service Locator

In a city, there are more than one post office branches you can find. If you are living in a certain city, it is essential that you have to know where the nearest one in your area is. In this way, if you have something important using the post office you can locate it immediately. How will you know? The USPS has a feature in their website where you can track the nearest one and can even contact it immediately for different reasons like knowing post office hours. Just follow the steps below:image 3
a. You ought to look at to start with the USPS “Service Locator” online site.
b.From the page, you should opt for the “Post Office Locations” choices you will find in the “What are you looking for?” drop-down area.
c. Second, you ought to type your home address within the field supplied located just under the “Near what location?” on the heading of the site. You could also need to key in the zip code if you are going to seek out any local post office department from your spot.
d. Consequently, hit the “Search” button. Wait for the directory of post office branches along with its location to show up on the page. Just after seconds, you can now view what divisions are near your city.
e. You could hit the name of the postal office you have selected to consult. You will find phone numbers show up below the address, the USPS hours the post office is available to your service and the telephone numbers on the right section.
f. Basically call any contact number you can discover outlined. If you have a concern in listening to, call the phone number which is among the “TTY Service”.
g. Make certain you are phoning the postal office if they are available. The business time count truly on the location and you could discover that info when you go through the post office on the list.

Things to Know About WVRJA

WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority is a place for criminal’s rehabilitation. The center strives to give the best to people. The WVRJA admissions created a website where public will be aware of the center and gain information easily. Just visit 2

They support many prisoners in different charges and crimes. According to the charges given, the jail decides which kind of security choices the prisoners receive, either highest or least security. The correctional body is now offering a wide range of rewards given it features its own gyms, medical facilities and recreational areas for the inmates to spend. This is certainly to avoid fights and stress on the prisoners when only shut to a building for several years.

When spats occurred, medical facilities are the ideal make it easier to prevent the inmates from struggling any medical problems. It is additionally certainly one a good way to stop scattering the disease if any of this will occur. The West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority are certain that every offender is attended for health problems. You can visit inmate search link to get info about the prisoners inside the place.

For risky inmates, the body makes certain that they can be limited on a solitary place and secure cells. These prisoners typically have psychological troubles and may not like to associate with lots of people. The WVJAC commissions ensure to maintain this type of criminals at a supermax prison and attended according to their desires.

Those inmates which do not present any risk to people are placed in an administrative facility. The West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority do not just ensure the inmates’ safe spot but also for those families who wished to visit them. For information about visiting hours, WVRJA offender search and conditions of the institution, it is easy to head to their site.