Five Steps to Register at Bank of America Website

When you have opened an account online at the Bank of America, you can manage everything inside it. You can transfer money to other account number with just few clicks, email the bank without hassle and calling the customer service and even apply for loans or credit card account. You can go to online banking website. You will no longer go to the bank personally, unless it is necessary to have a personal appearance. The process of creating an online account is easy. You just need to follow the five steps written in this article.

Instructions on how to apply online account at Bank of America:

Step One: Navigate to the internet site on this bank at Look for the “Enroll Now” URL which is situated on the left side of this page and afterwards click it. Now you can begin to generate your account online.

Step Two: You want to add the info necessary on the webpage. You ought to select your state. Then, select the method of account you wish to apply such as Bank of America edd debit card and then click the “Continue Enrollment”. If you select the “Bank of America Credit Card”, present your credit card info.

Step Three: You should also provide your Social Security System number, the account number you have in the bank, your current and working email address and also language preference you need.

Step Four: You will need to read the agreement primarily just before you acknowledge by checking the checkbox. It is advisable to again hit the “Continue Enrollment” to process the content and create your own personal account currently.

Step Five: The password for your account will be sent through the email you have provided. It will be sent in few seconds and login to your account immediately to change your password.

Do not share your password or username to any person. Phishing is already common once your bank account details are linked to your email address.

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