Ka Ipu Kukui: Training the Future Leader

The Ka Ipu Kukui program takes place on March 16, 2011. Each of the participants was given the opportunity to dine with the current and previous Ka Ipu Kukui fellows on an exclusive lunch together with the fundraiser. What is Ka IPu Kukui Fellows? It is a program created by the Decision Maui and Focus Maui Nui to promote the leaderships and development of the community based program which is designed in accessing the Maui Nuis future.

There are many members of the Ha Ipu Kukui. The steering committee members are Roselle Bailey, Sandy Baz, Buck Buchanan, Rory Frampton, Lori Teragawachi, Scott Nunokawa, Stanley Okamoto, Ken Ota, Clyde Sakamoto, Jeanne Skog, Lianne Yoshida, Kalani Ho, Yarrow Flower, and Rhiannon Chandler.

They have accepted nominations and applications that were held last 2012 at the University of the Hawaii-Maui College where the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows held the program. The collaboration between the two was now in its fourth year. The program means “crucible of light”. It is a forging ideas which will test and furnace the best path to take in the future. The program will identify potential leaders that they trained in order to have the best future planning of the Maui Nui.

The training shall have participants that will actively participate over the year that may depend on the activity schedule. There will be many activities involve such as the cultural resources, natural areas and political process. It will also focus on the discussions about the economic, lifestyle and social issues of the place. According to them, 15 fellows  were selected through the process of rigorous training that were conducted by the members of the Ka Ipu Kukui steering committee members.

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