Jetnet American Airlines Employee Information System

The Jetnet American Airlines has made for the employees and contractors of the company. The website allows the employees, ex-employees and contractors access the 401k plan, employment details from HR, flight services and other benefits from the company. The user must have its own user ID and password. How to obtain? By registering to the website. When you have your own account, you can login anytime and anywhere.

What Are the Steps to Login on the Website?
The web page is simply designed for signed up people for instance the team. You need to access the website be sure to have your own personal user ID and password.
a. Go to the login webpage that features two fields you’ll have to fill out, the user ID and then your own password.
b. Just click login.
c. In the event you forgot your password, simply click under the “Forgot your password?” link.
d. You will be redirected to the page to get into your authorization ID.
e. Answer simultaneously at the security question.

What Are the Steps to Sign Up on the Website?

To know what is is all about, you must sign up first. If you are an employee or contractor with AA, you must have your own account now. The signing up process will only take a few minutes of your time.
a. Immediately proceed to the website soon after choose the “Log in help” link.
b. After that, once around the page click the “First Time User Registration”.
c. You would be sent straight to the page for which you shall be asked for your worker or contractor number. Be sure you then click “Submit” button.
d. After that, you will be transported to the page the spot where you construct your own User ID and password. Click “Continue”.
e. Instantly opt for your own security questions and respond to them.
f. Any time you are by now finish, just click “Finish” button and study the “User Agreement”.