Instructions in Opening Chase Bank Account

One of the largest banks you can find in United States is the Chase bank which has taken their service online. There are many customers who have been glad about this news. This is because there are certain benefits that online banking gives to people. There are activities that instead of going to bank, they can do it at home. You can say that Chase bank is a trusted bank which is why there are many people who wanted to open an account to them and connect it to online. If you are interested on opening an account with Chase you can read simple steps on how to sign up for your own account.

  1. You have to go first to any branch of chase bank and look for any personnel who are assigned for assisting customers in opening an account. You can search over the internet of the nearest branch in your place.
  2. Bring all the necessary documents needed when opening an account such as a valid photo identification card such as Government ID’s or Employee’s ID. You also have to bring one photo, proof of residency (utility bills or any mails that is address to you).
  3. Discuss with the personnel about the account options and which type is the right for you. There are three things which Chase bank offers to an individual which are the Better Banking Checking, Student Banking and Premier Checking.
  4. You have to pay the initial deposit which is a minimum of $25 dollars and sign all the documents given to you from the bank.
  5. The personnel will give you the temporary debit card and checks. The checkbook will arrive through mail for 10 banking business days.
  6. Now you can connect online and check your account from time to time.

These are the simple steps on how to create your account with online bank.