How to Apply for Florida Child Support?

There are circumstances that parents got divorce and they should be responsible in supporting their child or children, if there are any. The child support can be applied at the Florida Department of Revenue. This establishment can locate the parents and will calculate the child support. You can also get more info at myfloridacounty website. Here are the ways on how to apply for a child support:image1

  1. Just visit the website of Florida Department of revenue to get the application and information about child support. Fill out the application online. You must also print the application where you need to sign it and mail to the address.
  2. Select the “full service” on the correct box found on the cover page. The full service of Florida is needed in calculating the child support to locate the parents of the child that will pay child support, if separated.
  3. You must provide the children’s name and the parents of each child on the application.
  4. You have to print the form. You should also have additional copies on the parent and Child Information Pages. This is if there are more than one child who is required the support of more than one parents. You can easily print the page by just clicking the “Print” icon.
  5. You also have to provide your personal information such as name, contact number, and identification detail. Only enter the information of your employer if you are the parent’s child.
  6. Make sure you sign the page with the date.
  7. Do not forget the court order of the legal procedure in child support, the agreement between the parent and the other one and also the parent’s paternity. If the child is not born in Florida State, attach the birth certificate of the child stating he or she is born outside the state.
  8. Send the form and the documents mentioned above on the Florida Child Support Office. If you don’t know, send it to the Florida Department of Revenue.

It is better to get your own Myfloridacounty login account to know more information about this matter.