Three Methods to Make Payment at First Premier Bank

First Premier Bank is the choice when it is your first time to apply for a credit card. It can also be a choice when you want a low price of interest when it comes to repayment. Once you have Premier Bankcard already, the bank also allows you to manage your profile online to keep track of your activities. It has also different ways of payment which you can read below:image

  1. Online Payment. You will need to sign-up your credit card first online by visiting their web site and then click “Enroll Now”. You ought to give your credit card number, the expiration date and the three digits you could find in the rear of the card. You also need to offer the name and the billing address of the card. Establish your own personal username and password with your user profile. In conclusion, hit the “Register Card” button. You are able to visit your user profile and manage your profile. Next, click the “Pay My Bill” selection after which it creates your online user profile with a checking account. Just go to Premier Bankcard login page whenever you make online payments.
  2. Phone Payment. If you would like to make transaction with telephone, you can easily call the customer service within the team at 1-800-987-5521. Hit 1 for English and afterwards 2 for payments. Following, click again 1 for telephone compensation selection. And then, enter in the credit card number on your own keypad and just wait for a representative on the phone. It will eventually inquire about your debit or checking account to procedure the payment.
  3. Snail Mail Payment. In case you are paying off by mail, you need to transfer a check or money towards the bank. You have to look for your current billing statement and afterwards obtain the lower part to be posted together with the money or check. You have to mail it into the address of the bank.

Choose what kind of payment you want now and start paying your bills.