Sears Online Human Resource Website

The Sears Holding Corporations is among the biggest company with the largest chains of department stores. The company has about 2,300 affiliated stores now. It will be expected that they will handle thousands of employees too. The company has its own which handles and manages these employees. The website caters almost all works that HR department handles. It is quick and very easy to use. It even offers many advantages to the employees. This site will tell you more about the company and the online human resource system.

Benefits from Sears Holding Corporations

The company has also its own benefits in which employees can enjoy and avail. These benefits are not just for them but are also extended to the family members and domestic partners. The benefits that employee can find in the 88sears website are health, financial, disability option, dental plan, prescription plan, voluntary benefits, discount packages and many more.

There are also services you can find and browse in Sears website:

  1. Compensation. Employees who are deserving will get this service. It can be claimed at the website.
  2. Online Resources and Trainings. If you are fresh personnel from the company, there are plenty of correct training applications on the website. The resources are usually utilize both online and offline.
  3. Online Assistance. As a part of the company, you can find online support in case you have some concerns regarding your position inside the company or about the good things about acquire.
  4. HR Contacts. If you need to ask some HR representative, you can get their contact info at the website.
  5. Handbook. You may as well check the handbook of the company for you to download in PDF form.
  6. W-2 Form. You will apply for this form online. This program is for your retirement or pension plan.
  7. Personal Updates. You may also improve your private info online including contact details or address if you ever changed.